Bloodlines 16/16, R, M/A Sequel to Genealogy COMPLETE

Title: Bloodlines 16/16
Series: Sequel to Genealogy
Rating: R
Characters: Alec(494), Max(452), Felix(496), Keegan(105)et. al.
Pairing: Max/Alec, Keegan/Felix
Spoilers: Genealogy
Warning: Species-ism, gore, violence in excess, people who might not stay dead, crossover
Disclaimer: Dark Angel is owned by Cameron/Eglee Productions and 20th Century Fox Television. Resident Evil/BioHazard is owned by Capcom Entertainment, and movie references belong to Constantin Film Produktion, Davis-Films, Impact Pictures and New Legacy.  All Original Characters belong to me, all rights reserved and all lefts reversed.
Summary: It's been six years since Max fought on the front lines against Umbrella's T-Virus. The world is decimated and survivors moving in caravans, but no one is really safe, and it looks like Umbrella's plans have only just begun...

Rewrite: 7.6.14

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I don't know if searching for fics is allowed in here. If it isn't, please let me know and I will delete this post. I am looking for max/alec fics written by valjean. There used to be a website with all of his fics but that is not accessible anymore. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get access to those fics again or if someone has saved them?

Thank you!
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Fic: Ever After, G, One-Shot

Title: Ever After
Rating: G
Disclaimer: It's not mine, but I still wish it were, even after all this time.
Genre: Romance/Humor/Family
Pairing: Max/Alec
Type: One-Shot
Spoilers: Takes place after "Freak Nation," so spoilers for almost everything before that.

Summary: A story like hers could never have a happy ending…at least, she hadn't thought so. Max POV. Written in snapshots. Lighthearted.

A/N: This has been hanging around on my computer for years, but I never seemed to be able finish it. But, praise God, I wound up inspired to complete it for the christianfanfic het_marriage promptathon. :) (Shameless plug - it's running for the whole month of June, so if you're inspired, come and join the fun! All fandoms and het pairings welcome.) Also, this fic is fluff. Almost complete and total fluff, lol. But I like to think of it as fluff with an edge. ;)

A/N2: This fic is also a slightly belated birthday present for my very dear friend and sister in Christ, roselani24. Happy Birthday!

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Over the Hills and Far Away, PG13, Max/Alec Spoilers: all

Title:Over the Hills and Far Away
Rating: Pg-13
Characters: Max (452), Alec (494), Logan
Spoilers: all
Warning: Angst,fluff
Disclaimer: I do not own Dark Angel. All Original Characters belong to me, all rights reserved and all lefts reversed.  I also do not own the song, which belongs to Nightwish.
Summary: He knew that he'd been wronged. "You stand accused of robbery,"  he heard the bailiff say.  He knew without an alibi,  tomorrow's light would mourn his freedom.
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Over the Hills and Far Away

Catalyst 10/10; R; Max/Alec; Spoilers: S.2

Title: Catalyst (10/10)
Rating: R
Characters: Alec(494), Max(452), Felix(496), Keegan (105), Mole, Ben(493)
Pairing: Max/Alec
Spoilers: All of Season 2
Warning: violence, pack mentality, in fighting, alternate universe, retroactive continuity for DA, UST
Disclaimer: I do not own Dark Angel. All Original Characters belong to me, all rights reserved and all lefts reversed.
Summary: See the Master Post

The End

MAX|ALEC - "Happy"

Vidder : ICZscream
Song : Ghost Beach - Empty Streets
Pairing : Max/Ale
Finished : 12/1/2013
Link : Youtube
**Please change Quality to HD1080/720 before watch**
This is my another favorite music. Kind of described feeling tha Alec has for Max in My Point of View
I try to did funny VIDs. Don't know it work or not, but I kno that I'm really fun doing this VID :D
It's may call humor VID I guess. And I again hope you who lov them like me, love this VID too.
Thank for Watching,