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For fans of Max/Alec

Transgenesis: a Max/Alec fan community
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Max & Alec
Max Guevara and Alec McDowell are genetically enhanced super-soldiers, bred for the purpose of unrivalled aptitude in the killing fields. Made in a laboratory, they fight harder, faster and tougher than any other soldier. They also look damn good in the process.

Max and Alec love to hate each other. They also love each other; getting them to admit that is scientifically proven to be more difficult than drawing blood from a stone.
Want snark? Want sexual tension disguised as barely controlled violence? Want two disturbingly attractive genetically empowered individuals looking disturbingly attractive together? Then welcome to transgenesis!

Got fic or graphics or simply your love of all that is transgenic to share? Then post it here, anything goes as long as it celebrates the love that dare not speak its name.

Common sense prevails.

Be nice to your fellow shippers, respect each other's right to their own opinion, and place all fic and large posts beneath a cut. Icons, graphics, art and fanmixes are also welcome here.

Flaming NOT allowed.

Everybody and everything is welcome here, but please rate and place appropriate warnings upon entries where required.

Your mod is the small and terribly friendly filmedinsepia. Please feel free to contact her with questions or suggestions.