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Fic: Ever After, G, One-Shot [Jun. 26th, 2013|05:57 am]
Transgenesis: a Max/Alec fan community



Title: Ever After
Rating: G
Disclaimer: It's not mine, but I still wish it were, even after all this time.
Genre: Romance/Humor/Family
Pairing: Max/Alec
Type: One-Shot
Spoilers: Takes place after "Freak Nation," so spoilers for almost everything before that.

Summary: A story like hers could never have a happy ending…at least, she hadn't thought so. Max POV. Written in snapshots. Lighthearted.

A/N: This has been hanging around on my computer for years, but I never seemed to be able finish it. But, praise God, I wound up inspired to complete it for the christianfanfic het_marriage promptathon. :) (Shameless plug - it's running for the whole month of June, so if you're inspired, come and join the fun! All fandoms and het pairings welcome.) Also, this fic is fluff. Almost complete and total fluff, lol. But I like to think of it as fluff with an edge. ;)

A/N2: This fic is also a slightly belated birthday present for my very dear friend and sister in Christ, roselani24. Happy Birthday!

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